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Living Environment 

Within the seven pillars of the Kuwait National Development Plan (KNDP), the Sustainable Living Environment pillar is a foundational priority for ensuring the continuity and sustainability of Kuwait’s environment. We are working towards providing future generations with a healthy life in a protected environment suitable for growth.

To that end, the Kuwait Public Policy Centre (KPPC) has been working towards developing evidence-based policies to inform the programs related to the Sustainable Living Environment pillar in the KNDP. Working through the KPPC’s work mechanism, the centre has produced three papers starting with an overview of the gaps and challenges facing environmental policy making in Kuwait, a research agenda prioritising strategic objectives moving forward, and finally, a white paper highlighting the policy recommendations for an integrated environmental framework for Kuwait.
The white paper highlighting an integrated environmental framework in Kuwait produced several policy options and recommendations, including but not limited to: - Enable the institutional and regulatory environment to promote renewable energy investments and maximise private sector involvement. - Boost renewable energy investments in Kuwait at both utility and decentralised scales. - Increase consumers’ participation in achieving the 15% target. - Establish a government-run, sustainable energy centre of excellence to play a leading role in driving renewable energy and energy efficiency in Kuwait and in the entire region on the long term. - Advance innovation in low emission technology and promote fuel efficiency standards.
The three environmental reports have supported the formulation of the environment related policies under the program titled: “Build a Liveable and Harmonious Environment” in the KNDP 2020–2025.