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KPPC Lecture Series

With the aim to build national capacities in the area of public policies, the KPPC holds a monthly talk series that provides a platform for policy dialogue and relevant policy debate. The talk series brings onboard renowned speakers, practitioners, and academic researchers with public policy expertise from around the world. In engaging with the public, experts and national stakeholders. The KPPC Lecture Series serves as a platform where different ideas from around the world are shared and policies are challenged to inform future policies. The first step to drafting an effective public policy is to have the knowledge and expertise needed to produce it. The KPPC lecture series serves to share expertise and knowledge in order to effectively take that first step.


The Global Economic Outlook and Risks

Mr. John Walker

Accelerating Human Capital Formation in the Gulf Cooperation Council

Dr Sameh al Saharty

The lecture is about the Human Capital Index (HCI) that the World Bank launched in October 2018 with focus on the status of the GCC countries, their challenges, and the strategies to accelerate human capital formation beyond the HCI.


Is Experimentation the Future of Public Sector

Dr. Jaakko Kuosmanen

The lecture explores the future trends in the eld of policy experimentation. As a case example, it focuses on the Finnish public-sector experimentation framework, which has been highlighted by the OECD as one of the world's key examples of systemic level innovation.


The Rise of Nudge and its Application on Public Policy in the Region

Dr Fadi Makki

Nudge is a transformative innovation that has been rising exponentially around the world with its various application into the public and private sectors, even more with the award of Richard H. Thaler, co-author of the Nudge Book, the Nobel Prize in Economics for his contributions to behavioral economics in 2017. The lecture will shed the light on examples and lessons learned from the application of behavioral science to a variety of public policy settings, in particular, steering people and organizations towards making the most optimal choices, for themselves and their communities. It will also provide an overview on the latest experiments and nudge unit activities in the region.

Neil Patrick English

Labour Market Reform in the GCC

Dr. Neil Patrick


The lecture will give a comparative talk discussing what has been happening in terms of labour market reform in the GCC countries. It will also consider the interconnection between the officially desired reform of the labour market and what is currently happening in the education system. Additionally, the talk would include some consideration of measures being taken in GCC countries toward this same objective, as well as assessing the impact of some of those countries’ policies on the Kuwaiti labour market.