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Macroeconomic Model Page

KPPC has partnered with Oxford economics to develop a customized macroeconomic model for the State of Kuwait has been developed to strengthen the capacity of KPPC and GSSCPD to monitor the economy, to assess the impacts of different scenarios and alternative measures, to run medium and long- term projections both at the macro and sectoral levels. The model is twofold: a local macroeconomic model used to assess the effects of various policy options on the local economy, and an international macroeconomic model used to assess the effects of international events and changes to the global economy on the Kuwaiti economy. Both models are integral to the overall work of the Center as it offers a scenario-based approach to test and develop various policies and their viabilities.


Support a transition towards evidence-based planning and allows for policy testing and scenario analysis.


Embed forecasting in the budget formulation process.


Monitor the economy and producing outlook reports to proactively identify emerging issues and key insights.


Ensure policies, indicators and targets are sound and based on evidence and scenario planning.